Service Procedure

China Electronics manufacturing

  • Inquiry

    Contract ( General )

    Definition of specification


    Product development

    Prototype( Functional / Non-functional )

    Approval of prototype

    Contract ( Sales )

    Place order

    Payment ( 30%, or L/C )

    Prepared Production


    Outgoing Inspection

    payment( 70%, or L/C )


    After sales service


Detailed inquiry can save bilateral times.
Please input detailed contents like specification, exterior design, expected price, forecast order quantity per first year and next, favored factory as possible.
We have reliable contract manufacturers and technician network in China, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and Philippine and have managed them by our skilled staffs on site.

Minimum order amount for inquiry is USD10,000.

General Contract

It is a normal service contract. It includes general contents executing manufacturing service such as basic regulations and compliances of commercial transaction.

Definition of Specification

We define size, weight, exterior design, characteristics of electronics and electrics, and packing in basis on idea, design and requirements.
Important thing is effort to reduce trial and error by selecting optimal product through communication with client.


We are always trying to give best price. It will be based on order volume as possible. We offer price including our service fee which is our profit of least margin.
This margin has our operating cost and value for our effort to grow together. This offer is for decision of starting product development and changeable according to change of specification after finishing development.

Product Development

We develop product based on defined specification and exterior design. This process are hardware design, software / firmware design, case design ( CAD / CAM ) before producing a prototpe.

We have provided accurate firmware, software and hardware designs by skilled engineers to save time and avoid from trial and error. Sometimes design can be longer than you expected by wrong works or modifying many times and make failure for commercialization on time launching, so it is also important to select best and reliable and high skilled technicians have been well organized with long time experience.


After finishing product development, we produce a prototype for test and approval.

After finishing product development, we produce a prototype for test and approval. complete prototype client can decide to order. Prototype technology has been advanced, and now 3D printer is used according to items as well as machinery like CNC and polyurethane vacuum casting. We will decide and recommend best way with client and factory for selection between by machinery and by 3D printer.
Prototype Process is as below.

PCB artwork > PCA circuit design / Test jig > Micom firmware design > Case design(CAD/CAM) > Wire design > Finish

If client want to see only appearance of finished product, we can make design mock-up prototype called as dummy without working by only case design.

Sales Contract

Prototype and all of things should be checked before making contract, and then make contract before placing order.
Contract is defined rights and responsibilities between seller and buyer.
It includes basic necessary agreement like product definition, price and payment, exclusiveness, confidentiality, A/S, waiver.


After completed contract, order should be transferred by formal document, PO (Purchase Order) with signature, and order is completed by our verifying the PO with signature. PI (Proforma Invoice) to confirm and verify the PO.


We send PI (Proforma Invoice) to ask payment. Payment is normally by T/T or LC (Letter of Credit ) according to selection of client.
In case of T/T, remittance is basically 30% with PO and 70% before delivery.
In case of L/C, it is basically L/C at Sight.

Mold production

Products need molds for mass production, and molds are normally Plastic Injection Mold and Die Casting. The cost of normal metal mold for plastic injection are various according to size, complexity, surface texture, quantity from a few thousands to hundreds thousands, so please consider it before developing items.

The mold period is also not defined, but it takes one month to three month, or sometimes more times according to size, complexity, surface texture, quantity.

But if you would like to produce total below 100,000 units only, we recommend aluminum mold rather than metal to save 30% of cost and 40% of lead time. Another or more mold can be needed, if production quantity is over the capacity, so in this case, we will inform client to produce more mold in advance.

Order Management

Our order management system is controlled by ERP as a part of SCM ( Supply Chain Management ). We recommend client to place order earlier than production time as possible to be accurate lead time, and normal production reduce defects and protects from more delay from defective products.

But sometimes we should receive any inevitable urgent order by several production channels to response any need of client.


Production process as below.

SMT > Materials ingoing & Test(Case, Pcb ass’y, Electronics components, Wire) > Assembly > Outgoing test > Package > Logistics


Our staffs directly check procedure of production from materials procurement to assembly, package and shipment in factory site. They held meeting with employees of QC and production team in factories and protect from any problem in advance by
re-confirming requirements of client and fast response for emergency situation.

Our staff understand factories well and check how QC team in factories are doing in right process and attention, and find, correct, so factories can be advanced more and more.

Our all factories operate complying with ISO 9001 and comply with international environmental standards like ISO 14001 and use Pb-free materials.


Our logistics system is executed as a part of SCM and kept on partnership with Asian forwarder like China and Korea, and EU, American forwarder and follow up in best service from picking up at factory and customs clearance to warehouse of client in door to door service.

After sales service

First of all, we focus on B/S ( Before Service ) to protect from any problem in production process with mind of DIRFT ( Do It Right the First Time ), but we fast follow up any defective and any issue after shipment because we don’t regard transaction as one time deal, and it have made relationship with clients for long time

We substitute any defective one to new one as soon as possible and investigate the reason with factory. And then we send correction report to inform reason and countermeasure. On process of next production, we also report the correction result.

Any quality problem can be done again in next production, so we have correct any problem basically and thoroughly.